Beliefs Turn to Bone

from by The Outer RIM

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[Lyrics: Andrés Felipe Murillo/D.L.]
The crimson twilit skyline signs a final queen
A myth is hidden, for a thousand years unseen

It's a fatal abjection, and from bloodlines unheard
Comes a lightning projection across the reign

Kingdom without hope
Kingdom without life

An ancient power struggle silenced by dividing hands
Erased from local lore, so deep beneath the sands

[Lyrics: Nathan Ferrerira]
The true nature of good changes like a clock
Contorted and morphed with a tick and tock
So you may see a stream and call it paradise
But you’ll never step into that same river twice
If you claim to know all that there is then you’re wrong
‘Cause we see all of the notes never hearing the song
Each opinion merely fragments of a whole
With no beginning or end just lack of control
And I missed demonstrations on how to live life
Live in absolutisms produced by few minds
Who have lived and thought and were great for their time
But the problems they faced are not problems of mine

[Lyrics: D.L.]
The mountains bow and the oceans boil
Idols’ monuments sink into soil
The ash of dissidents blots out the sun
Heralding the return of the old one
Polytheism catches flame
An effigy’s torched and hollowed frame
Its creed reverts to bone
One deity alone


from Uatism, released May 31, 2017
Credit breakdown:

Guitars, Bass, Drums - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Guitars, Bass, Drums - Mike Henn
Vocals - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Guitars, Bass, Drums - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Guitars, Bass, Drums - Mike Henn
Vocals - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Guitars, Bass - Alf
Drums - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Vocals - D.L.
Guitars - Antoine Richard
Bass, Drums - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Guitars, Bass, Drums - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Guitars, Bass, Drums - Nathan Ferreira
Guitars, Vocals - D.L.
Bass, Drums - Andrés Felipe Murillo
Electronics - Joel Trevarthen
Guitars - Andrés Felipe Murillo



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The Outer RIM

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