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The Outer RIM is the cumulative creative output of an online collective of about 50 individuals. Many are musicians, and all are friends who have been in close contact since approximately 2010.

The first release, Uatism, features direct musical input from 14 members. Each member composed musical sections independently of each other with no internal collusion, then submitted them to the orchestrator of the project, Andrés Felipe Murillo. Andrés arranged these individual sections into discrete songs, adding his own sections for cohesion. Each song was completed before a new one was started; "Beliefs Turn to Bone" was the first piece completed in 2015, followed by "Tower of Babel", "Death in Two Tongues" and finally "Reincarnation". "Funeral Skrill" is an older piece by Jackson Black which was remixed for this release.


released May 31, 2017

The following members made musical contributions:

Alexandre Ferland (Halberd)
Andreja Jovović (Sól)
Andrés Felipe Murillo (Prajna, Halberd, Flowers to the Welshman at Dusk)
Alf (Verdronken)
Antoine Richard (Halberd)
Caspian Yurisich (Stranger Country)
D.L. (Glass Shrine)
Jackson Black
Joel Trevarthen
Matt Carmichael
Mike Henn (Dead Faith)
Nathan Ferreira (Skyless Aeons)
Niccolo Mundell
S.H. (Baptist, Bermuda House, Ovvls)

Several sections originally composed by ZUN.

Instruments recorded and arranged by Andrés Felipe Murillo.
Electronic sections recorded by Joel Trevarthen.
Vocals recorded by Andrés Felipe Murillo, D.L., and Alexandre Ferland.
Mixed by Andrés Felipe Murillo, D.L. and Charles Wong.
Mastered by Charles Wong.
Logo by Jackson Black.
Cover art by Mustafa Arif Akşit and Andrés Felipe Murillo.



all rights reserved


The Outer RIM

A collaboration of music lovers from all around the world. We create unconventional songs composed with unconventional methods.

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Track Name: Tower of Babel ~ "ie" at the End
[Lyrics: D.L.]
Gliding splinters wait on edge to pierce this central hull
A ruler ticking against imaginary metrics
The teeth of a comb getting anxious
To ravage the central flesh
A pair of burning eyes can’t see what’s transpiring behind
Million unspoken words take their place at the podium
Vomit out chain of thoughts

[Lyrics: D.L./Metal Archives]
A bee, CIRCM free
International me
Project comprised of see
Veral Metal Archives
Members from three continents
Complete discography
Coveting lives, demos, me
Remnants of crumbling empire reviews
Added by Metantoine
The challenge
Is currently running from today

[Lyrics: D.L.]
I walk on paths on rapid rivers white
Cradled by hills enrapturing my sight
All of my treasures, you have never seen
Your eyes fixated on white in rolling green

[Lyrics: Mike Henn]
The Thousand Curses of Izanami
Call the encroaching shroud of death
The vermillion hellscape, the narcotic skyline
Pierced by the Myriad Truths

[Lyrics: D.L.]
De only pleasure known as bof we own
De dawn 2 dusk we shown sunlight shone
De sea 2 shinin sea across we land
Mi land, ya land, in few ways dem same
In reverence of high noon mi eyes catch flight
Reflected on de orb stealin mi sight
Mi vision a ticket fi passage west
Where noon no show fi nudda hour at best

Mi always missin ya by de mountaintime
Ya revel in oak wen all mi know is dem wine
Just one hour back and mi a here 2 stay
Mi no gonna turn mi blind eyes away
Mi walk on path on rapid rivers white
Cradled by dem hills enrapturin mi sight
All of dem treasures ye never seen
Ya eyes fixated on rollin green

[Lyrics: Alf]
It’s me, Frankie Benson!
A door-to-door salesman who sells Tupperware!
Frankie Benson?
Is it with a “Y” or is it with an “IE” at the end?
I would have killed you, I would have killed you
just for that, Mr. Benson,
but we already said too much
Track Name: Death in Two Tongues
[Lyrics: D.L.]
Vyhýbám se sladkosti v hloupé víře,
že z toho vznikne strpění hrůz života –
takhle to dělá každý na celém světě

Ale naše falešné jedy a zdánlivé utrpení
Nás nikdy nepřipraví na strašně skutečnou hrozbu,
Která nás čeká za rohy smrtelné existence

Zná dobře trpkost,
Ta však existuje ve sféře mimo chuťových pohárků
My lidé ji známe jako smrt,
Živá vědomost mrtvé nevědomosti

Nejhořčejší pravda ze všech

[Lyrics: Metal Archives]
I tried adding PTH and I would consider them a metal band (although not purely heavy metal), and found they were on the black list? Why is this? It seems unreasonable to me that a band of this caliber would be left off this site.

Looking for fast, noisy and above all RIFFY death metal in the vein of Degial, Vorum's "Current Mouth" EP and/or Obliteration's...

[Lyrics: Alexandre Ferland]
Hat prices are at an all time low
Grandmothers no longer exist
Sodomy's free with every sandwich trio
Conversation considered retro

Shifty-eyed slugs wearing human skin want our bones
Old school parasites went extinct
Now they feed on bellyfuls of stress
The dogs bark in street slang
The kids are all sizzling on the sidewalk
No one speaks to each other anymore
Except the man who shouted into my face
He said it was the apocalypse
Track Name: Beliefs Turn to Bone
[Lyrics: Andrés Felipe Murillo/D.L.]
The crimson twilit skyline signs a final queen
A myth is hidden, for a thousand years unseen

It's a fatal abjection, and from bloodlines unheard
Comes a lightning projection across the reign

Kingdom without hope
Kingdom without life

An ancient power struggle silenced by dividing hands
Erased from local lore, so deep beneath the sands

[Lyrics: Nathan Ferrerira]
The true nature of good changes like a clock
Contorted and morphed with a tick and tock
So you may see a stream and call it paradise
But you’ll never step into that same river twice
If you claim to know all that there is then you’re wrong
‘Cause we see all of the notes never hearing the song
Each opinion merely fragments of a whole
With no beginning or end just lack of control
And I missed demonstrations on how to live life
Live in absolutisms produced by few minds
Who have lived and thought and were great for their time
But the problems they faced are not problems of mine

[Lyrics: D.L.]
The mountains bow and the oceans boil
Idols’ monuments sink into soil
The ash of dissidents blots out the sun
Heralding the return of the old one
Polytheism catches flame
An effigy’s torched and hollowed frame
Its creed reverts to bone
One deity alone
Track Name: Reincarnation (Flowers' Requiem)
[Lyrics: Antoine Richard]

[Lyrics: "Love Sonnet XVII" by Pablo Neruda]
I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities

[Lyrics: D.L.]

[Lyrics: "Kytice" by Karel Jaromír Erben]
Zemřela matka a do hrobu dána,
siroty po ní zůstaly;
I přicházely každičkého rána
A matičku svou hledaly
I zželelo se matce milých dítek;
duše její se vrátila
A vtělila se v drobnolistí kvítek,
jím mohylu svou pokryla